Free 0845 and 0870 Mobile Calls

Step 1

If you’ve got an Android smartphone or iPhone, head to the App Store or Google Play Store and download the WeQ4U app.

WeQ4U works with 0870, 0800 (now free), 0808 (now free) and 0500 numbers by routing the call through an 03 number which is part of your inclusive free minutes. Other 08 numbers, including 0845, are redialled using an alternative number.

WEQ4U Step 1

Step 2

Whenever you dial an number beginning 08, an Android phone will automatically pre-dial an 03 access number. This means you don’t even have to open the WeQ4U app.  However, iPhone users will have to open the app to dial the number, and then tap the Start Call button.

WEQ4U Step 2

Step 3.

The app will start the call, using an 03 number, and you’ll hear a message from WeQ4U about queuing. Your phone’s dialling screen will be visible so you can select options in automated systems as usual.

WEQ4U Step 3

Step 4.

If you do find you’re stuck waiting in a queue to talk to someone, simply tap 9* on the on-screen keypad and the app will notify you when an operator has picked up your call.

WEQ4U Step 4

Step 5.

If you’re not an Android or iPhone user, you can still use the service! Just dial 0333 5432111, and then the premium-rate number you need to call.

WEQ4U Step 5