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24th January 2020

Giffgaff set to raise pay-as-you-go prices

Giffgaff are about to increase the price of calls and double the price of texts for customers on standard pay-as-you-go...
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21st March 2019

Vodafone to hike pay monthly prices by 2.5%

Vodafone customers on a pay monthly mobile contract or using mobile broadband will see a 2.5% increase in their monthly...
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2nd February 2019

Brexit Roaming Charges

Only two out of 12 of the UKs major mobile phone providers have so far committed to keeping roaming in...
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17th January 2019

BT Freeze Prices Until March 2020

BT has promised that it won't raise broadband, mobile or line rental prices for its millions of customers until March...
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7th November 2017

BT To raise prices in January 2018

BT are set to raise prices over a variety of products early in the new year. A statement released on the...
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13th May 2017

Ofcom to investigate the cost of 118 calls

Ofcom have launched an investigation into the soaring costs of certain telephone service numbers. The regulator will examine directory enquiries numbers,...
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28th March 2017

Compensation for landline and broadband customers

Under new proposals from telecoms regulator Ofcom, Landline and broadband customers who suffer slow repairs, or missed deadlines or appointments,...
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25th January 2017

Sky to increase line rental and call costs

Sky are set to follow in BT's footsteps and hike the price of its line rental by 9% to £18.99/month. Sky said the...
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20th January 2017

BT set to raise call charges

BT is set to raise the monthly cost of a number of its call packages and also raise the charges...
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20th January 2017

Ofcom to review standalone landline prices

Telecoms regulator Ofcom has launched a probe into landline-only rental prices after over concerns the elderly and vulnerable are being...
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