BT Freeze Prices Until March 2020

BT has promised that it won’t raise broadband, mobile or line rental prices for its millions of customers until March 2020, following multiple price hikes over recent years.

BT has said however that it plans to raise prices in line with inflation after this point. There’s also no guarantee that they wont raise prices for their TV and Sport services.

What is changing?

Communication service providers regularly increase prices, which they’re allowed to do providing they give customers at least 30 days’ notice.
If the price rise wasn’t communicated at the beginning of the contract, customers are able to leave their contract penalty-free in this 30-day window.

The change will require customers with broadband and line rental and/or mobile services to accept new terms and conditions, which essentially means they won’t be able to leave their contract penalty-free as they were informed about the price increase before they signed their contract. 

Any new customer signing up to its services since Friday 11 January will have already accepted the new terms, and BT has told us it will communicate these changes to existing customers later this year. 

What does BT say?    

A BT spokesperson said: “From 2020, we will link any future price changes to the CPI inflation rate. We will not be increasing prices for BT broadband, home phone and mobile plans in 2019.

“While price changes are sometimes necessary to keep up with increasing costs and to provide the best possible products and services, we know that customers want greater clarity and predictability about any price changes.

“We’ve listened to our customers and from 2020 we will be moving to once-yearly price changes for BT broadband, home phone and mobile customers.”

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